Aldeana Bawtinheimer

Aldeana Bawtinheimer

Aldeana operated her own studio, ALDEANAS ACROBATS, for nearly 30 years in the Surrey area. She now offers her services to local studios, who are interested in expanding their Acrobat programs.

Aldeana was trained at a young age in the specialized arts of Acrobats and Adagio. She enjoyed competition success at an early age and has brought that successful attitude to her students. Her students have excelled at all levels of competition in Acrobats, Adagio and Fitness. Her Surrey troop, of 20 Acrobats, earned a reputation of having a fierce, highly competitive team spirit.

Her talented students and unique choreography have combined to create many routines that have successfully competed in both local and international competitions, receiving many Honour Awards.

Aldeana's students have gone on to a professional level, performing in many corporate events. Her students have also been afforded opportunities to participate in Vegas workshops with Cirque Du Soleil performers.

Aldeana now looks forward to continued challenges and successes with students throughout the Lower Mainland.