COVID-19 Protocols & procedures

Health and Safety Plan: 

  • Parents must assess their child daily for symptoms of the common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory disease before sending them. Children who show any signs of illness should stay home and notify the studio by email. 
  • Children who have travelled outside of Canada within 14 days are not permitted to attend until the quarantine period is over. 
  • If your dancer has a COVID Test, the dancer cannot attend dance until a negative result is received. If anyone in the dancer’s household has a COVID test, the dancer cannot attend the dance studio until that family member’s test results are received and confirmed negative. 
  • Masks will continue to be mandatory at all times while in the building for all staff and students 5 years of age and older. Children are allowed to take quick breaks for water and snacks. We will monitor this policy as we proceed through the fall and winter months. 
  • The Lobby will be closed for the foreseeable future. Parents are able to enter and communicate with office staff and must wear a mask. 
  • To avoid congestion Dancers will enter and exit through the direct entrance/exit doors of their classroom rather than through the lobby.  Studio 1 is Door 11 at the back of the building. Studio 2 is Door 10 at the back of the building and Studio 3 is Door 10 is at the front of the building.  Your Dancers classrooms are noted in your parent portal for you to confirm where what door to drop off and pick up at. 
  • Each room is equipped with cleaning/disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer and masks. 
  • Each person that enters the facility is provided sanitizer at their designated door. 
  • Belongings are spaced out throughout the room to ensure distance. The smaller studio does not allow space for belongings, so dancers are admitted one at a time to put their belongings in the lobby during class (spaced out). 
  • Bay doors/Studio doors will be open throughout each day to allow fresh air to circulate.
  • High Touch Areas which include but are not limited to doorknobs, ballet bars, toilet handles, sink taps etc. will be disinfected regularly
  • Dancers may only bring one bag into the studio. All unnecessary items are to be left at home. Cell phones must remain inside dance bags at all times. 
  • Dancers must take home all food packaging, food scraps, utensils etc.