Ashton Mitzel

Ashton Mitzel is versatile dancer from Vancouver BC. Ashton’s love for dance began at the age of two, where she took her first ballet class. While training in various styles at K&S Dance Productions, she was also a member of a high level soccer team. Sports played a big role in her life growing up and added an athletic quality to her style of dance. Ashton has won various awards and scholarships from competitions and conventions and competed as a member of Team Canada in Germany in 2012. After graduating high school, she found a love for street style and further trained in numerous hip hop styles with a Vancouver based company, KTL Co. The following year she trained in commercial dance with the Source Dance Company, where she learned from many dancers in the industry. Ashton is currently working on her degree in Bachelor of Health an  Science at Simon Fraser University. She looks forward to continuing her training and inspiring young dancers.