K&S Dance Production

K&S Dance has been training children in the performing arts for over 27 years.  We offer training  at the Competitive and Recreational level in all genres of dance.  We provide an open learning environment structured to instill self confidence and enhance each student’s love for theatre, music and dance.  We have provided a family community and are honored to be serving second generations of students into our ever growing dance family.  We would love to hear from you! Contact us here



  • Parents must assess their child daily for symptoms of the common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory disease before sending them.  Children who show any signs of illness should stay home and notify the studio by email. 
  • Children who have travelled outside of Canada within 14 days are not permitted to attend until the quarantine period is over.
  • Masks Mandatory at all times while in the building for all students 6 years of age and older and staff.   Children are allowed to take quick breaks for water and snacks.
  • Classes will be non-contact technique/skill building based with choreography combos. Games and team building activities will be incorporated.
  • Dancers will have individually mapped out floor space clearly sectioned out on studio floors to ensure the required 6 feet social distancing.   The maximum number of students in each classroom is determined by room square footage. 
  • Signage outlining Covid-19 protocols/Symptom Checklist for entry etc. are posted outside each studio door and the main door to the closed lobby.  Social Distancing stickers are placed throughout as reminders as well as hand washing information signs in the bathroom
  • Each room is equipped with Cleaning Spray (Ostro-San) Rubber Gloves, Hand Sanitizer and Masks.
  • Each person that enters the facility is provided sanitizer and given a temperature check at their designated door.
  • Belongings are spaced out throughout the room to ensure distance.  The Smaller studio does not allow space for belongings, so dancers are admitted one at a time to put their things in the lobby during class (spaced out).
  • Bay Doors are open as often as possible.  Now that we are in the cooler months we are keeping the entrance/exit doors open as much as possible.  When the weather does not allow it to remain open, we open the door every ½ hour to 45 minutes to allow fresh air to ciruculate.
  • The bathroom has been taped off to allow only one person at a time use it.  It is sanitized after each use.
  • High touch areas (door knobs, sink taps etc) are cleaned every hour at minimum.
  • Ballet Barres are cleaned immediately after each use.
  • Dancers stay in their squares during all training. “Across the floor” they leave their squares and distance throughout the class lining up with lines from measured squares.  Although provided the “go ahead” for partnering and choreography formations while masked and sanitized by WorkSafe Prevention Officer, we decided to hold off and continue in squares due to the rising numbers. We will continue to dance in our squares only until things improve and we have confirmation from WorkSafe BC/Fraser Health that it is safe to do so.
  • Dancers may only bring one bag into the studio.  All unnecessary items are to be left at home.  Cell phones must remain inside dance bags at all times.
  • Dancers must take home all food packaging, food scraps, utensils etc.
  • Parents are not permitted inside the building. If a parent MUST attend inside, they must come through the front door of the lobby (not one of the studios) and must wear a mask.
  • The schedule has been made of cohorts of dancers to attend for a block of time. There are no breaks requiring common areas to be used.  Dance Classes are back to back and students are released to go home.  For classes of 3 or 4 hours in a row, a quick food break is allotted for kids to have inside their socially distanced squares.  Dancers sanitize before and after their snack.
  • Dancers remain in their studio space while teachers move in and out of classrooms.  When the first group of dancers classes are complete they are dismissed one at a time, provided sanitizer and released directly outside to be picked up by their parents.  The floors are then sanitized for the next group to enter.  Certain classes do require the Dancers to move classrooms and students are sent into their sanitized room one at a time to take their spot in their socially distanced square.